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On-site and Retreat Training

Classes, training, and mentorship for professional developers interested in levelling up their skill sets and hit the ground running on their next production application.

Training is offered both on-site, via corporate retreats, and in courses open to all. We're always updating our course catalog, and are more than happy to take requests!

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The weekend Elixir course comfortably eased me into the language and she proved to be very knowledgeable with FP as she had a precise answer for all of my and my fellow classmates questions. I hope I have the opportunity to take other classes she offers!

- Steve Godin, Developer

I learned a lot! What matters most when a teacher is helping their students learn something new is meeting people where they were at skill-wise. It was very clear and felt like a safe place to learn something new

- Stu Weir, STAT Search Analytics

  • Functional Programming Concepts for Mere Mortals
  • Functional Techniques for Object Oriented Laguages
  • First Principles: The Untyped Lambda Calculus
  • Up and Running with Elixir and Phoenix
  • Elixir from Scratch
  • Phoenix: Modern Monoliths Rising from the Ashes
  • Going Deeper with Elixir
  • Deep Dive Into DSLs, Macros, and Metaprogramming
  • Advanced Error Handling
  • Witchcraft for Principled Elixir Programming
  • Functional Programming Essentials with Lodash and Rambda
  • The Facebook Stack I: React + Flux + Immutable.js + Flow
  • The Facebook Stack II: GraphQL and Relay
  • Learn You an Elm for Great Good (Elm from Scratch)
  • Thoroughly Testing Elm Applications
  • Up the Abstraction Ladder with a Pux Front-End
  • Ethereum, Solidity, and Smart Contracts
  • Production-ready Haskell Apps and Microservices
  • Typesafe Systems Programming with Rust
  • TensorFlow / Machine Learning

Open Source & Community

We believe deeply in open source, and sponsor the development of several projects. We use open source languages, libraries, and tools all the time, and we love to give back. It's even part of our founding story. Ask us about it some time!

A common theme (especially in our Elixir libraries) is bringing classic functional programming idioms to the ecosystem in an approachable way. These are not just abstract curiosities, but come from our experience with other languages and patterns that we've found helpful in production Elixir and Phoenix apps.

We are also very proud to have founded and continue to sponsor several meetups in Vancouver, including Code & Coffee, Vancouver Functional Programmers, and Vancouver Erlang/Elixir.

About Robot Overlord

Robot Overlord Software is a functionally-focused web and mobile app agency based out of Vancouver, Canada. We're a full-stack development studio focused on scalable web and mobile applications, with an emphasis on maintainability, concurrency, and correctness.

Initially founded in 2015 by Brooklyn Zelenka and Jennifer Cooper. The pair left careers at world-class agencies doing work for well-known international brands in order to persue their own agency and product studio with a focused vision.

The developers at Robot Overlord have long histories teaching and mentoring in grass roots settings and with non-profits such as Ladies Learning Code, covering languages such as Elixir, Clojure, Racket, Ruby, Javascript, and Haskell. Our staff also founded Code & Coffee, Vancouver Functional Programmers, and Vancouver Erlang/Elixir meetups. Brooklyn is also the recipient of the Women in Leadership Mentorship Award for her efforts bringing functional programming to the Vancouver tech community.

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